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Automotive Translation is one of the many services offered at Powers. Conscious of the commercial value of communications linked to this industry, we offer automotive translation services in more than 100 languages, including from and into English.We work with a wide array of documents, from instruction manuals and catalogues to technical bulletins and warranty books. 
The automotive sector can be divided into five categories:
Vehicle manufacture
Component design and manufacture
High-performance motor sport design and manufacture
Construction vehicle manufacture
The aftermarket period

Translation for the Automotive Industry
Powers is a leading translation provider to the automotive sector helping suppliers and dealerships, arrange solutions that turn translation to competitive advantage. We understand the variety of the automotive business, from cars, trucks, business, public works' and agricultural vehicles, to maintenance equipment, trains, aircraft and helicopters.

We translate a wide range of documents such as:

-Instruction Manuals

- Assembling Manuals

- Service Manuals

- Training Manuals

- Service Bulletin Communications

- Catalogues

- Marketing Brochures

- Product Packaging

- Diagnosis Manuals

- Technical Bulletins

- Warranty Books

- Electronic Database Files

Specialist Translators
Our language experts are carefully selected to ensure that only suitably qualified translators, editors and reviewers are assigned to your projects. Our technical translators have engineering backgrounds in mechanical engineering, aviation, aerospace, combustion engines, automotive and industrial equipment. All translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and terminology databases, ensuring that translations are both accurate and consistent.

Technical translation
Our automobile manual translators are aware of the latest developments in the automobile sector. They write  in a chronological, brief and meticulous manner.