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Looking for Financial Translations? Count on Powers...
Financial translations are a tricky business. Investment Banks, High Street Banks, Insurance Companies - the world of finance is international which means ensuring that you can communicate accurately with financial clients all over the world is extremely important. This is where Powers comes in - our financial translation services are second to none.
We offer high quality financial translations by in-country professional translators who only ever translate into their mother tongue. We provide a fast and efficient translation service from translators experienced in the world's major financial centres.
Financial Translation Services - language is our business
If you work in Research, be it Credit Research, Equity Research, Fixed Income Research, FX Research, or any other area, you will know how difficult it can be to grab the attention of your busy clients. We understand that you have to reach out to them quickly, concisely, and accurately - whatever language they speak.
Whether you are looking for translations of Primary/New Issue Research or Secondary/Relative Value Research, our fast and professional financial translation service is the right choice for your company. We always treat pre-publication research with the utmost confidentiality and take cognisance of local and international trading regulations.
Experienced Financial Translators
Whatever the sector, be it Banks, Consumer Products, Insurance Companies, Telecoms, or Utilities, we will locate the most appropriate and experienced financial translators for your project. You need a translator who is familiar with the sector, who knows their way round the accounts through the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow statement, and who understands the importance of the Notes to the Accounts.
From our extensive database of professional mother-tongue translators, our translation managers carefully select the person best qualified to handle each individual project.
For example, if a financial translation into French requires knowledge of shares, bonds, options, futures, and derivatives, we'll look for a native French speaker with translation qualifications plus experience of the stock market or other financial markets.
If the text for financial translation is an annual report for an engineering company, then we'll commission a qualified translator who has worked in the requisite industry and has at least five years' experience of translating similar financial material.
It all adds up to a better financial translation service!
Our client list is long and diverse, and the list of language combinations we handle even longer and more varied, but one factor remains common to all financial translation work we undertake: attention to detail.
It is this attention to detail which ensures that many of our clients' including a number of major international investment and retail banks - entrust us with translation of important financial documents on a regular basis. Powers - a financial translation service you can rely on.