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High quality translation services for the energy sector companies are available from Powers. We offer professional translation services for every area of the energy industry, including oil, gas, mining, extraction and renewable energies. We provide translations for fields such as:
- Petroleum and Gas
- Oil
- Exploration and Production
- Mining and extraction
- Refining
- Marketing and Trading
We provide translations for the renewable energy sector such as bio fuels, wind, solar energy and other alternatives sources. We also offer a complete range of services involving the translation of project feasibility studies and technical documentation as well as marketing, technical and financial documents relating to the oil and gas industry and corporate websites.
We translate a wide range of documents including:
- Financial statements
- Information technology
- Health and safety manuals
- Technical manuals
- Advertising brochures  
- Legal documents
- Operating manuals for machinery  
- Systems and plant processes
- Supporting documentation
- Training documents
Specialist Translators
Powers has a large and diverse network of translators and interpreters. Besides their status of native speakers, our translators know the industry and have the relevant experience and qualifications.
Project Management
We have developed an efficient project management process to ensure that our translations are as accurate as possible. We understand the importance of time for your company. That is why your energy, gas or oil translation project is always delivered within the deadline and on budget.