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Legal Document Translation - don't let it be a law unto itself!
The letter(s) of the law
The translation of legal documents into foreign languages is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Indeed sometimes when reading legal documents, you could be forgiven for thinking they're written in a foreign language even when they're allegedly in your own mother tongue...
But legal translation doesn't need to be a bind - we have a wealth of experience in handling a challenging diversity of legal translation projects.
In fact whether you require birth and marriage certificates translated into Maltese or a complex Chinese contract translated into English, Powers's professional legal translation service offers you complete peace of mind - confidentiality and correctness at a price you can afford.
What's more, we can also arrange for the legal translation to be authenticated by an official notary, as may be required by certain authorities and governmental bodies.
Legal Translation Services
While the list of legal clients we service is long, and the list of language combinations we handle even longer and more varied, one factor remains common to all the legal translation services we provide, namely attention to detail.
From our extensive database of professional mother-tongue translators, our translation managers select the person best qualified to handle each individual project. For example, if a legal translation into German requires knowledge of matrimonial law, we'll look for a native German speaker with translation qualifications plus experience in this particular field.
Or if the text relates to court proceedings, then we'll seek a qualified translator with legal training or background plus first-hand knowledge of court work. It is this attention to detail which ensures that many of our clients are "regulars" and entrust us with translation of important legal documents time and time again.
Legal Document Translation - Points of Order
A couple of helpful hints when submitting legal documents for translation:
í˝Obviously we appreciate that restrictions of confidentiality may limit the information which can be made available, however background information in both source and (where possible) target language does help to aid continuity of terminology and assist with context-specific vocabulary selection.
í˝Specify in advance if you have any particular layout requirements for the translated version of the legal document - for example, whether the translation should follow the layout of the original source text or be amended in the target version of the document.
í˝If you are writing a legal document which is going to be translated, ensure that it reads well in the original. A poorly written source is unlikely to become a thing of beauty in the target language (though we have actually been told on several occasions that our legal translations read better than the original!).
Translation Services
From court documents to legal contracts, our translation services are second to none.
Many of our legal clients entrust us with translation of important legal documents on a regular basis. Powers - a legal document translation service you can rely on.