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Games translation is a growing service at Powers. The computer and video gaming industry is a blooming sector and Powers translates anything from arcade games and promotional material to betting and gambling websites. We offer multilingual solutions in more than 100 languages, including from and into English.
Language Solutions for Computer and Video Games
Every day millions of people play computer and video games, including international consumers who want to enjoy their hobby in their mother tongue language. Online betting and gambling are two increasingly popular types of computer entertainment. If you are in the electronic gaming business and want to expand your business, Powers provides professional translation services that will help you reach international markets.
We translate:
Arcade Video Games  
Betting and Gambling Websites
Betting Guides 
Computer Games
Console Games 
Games Instructions
Video Games 
Promotional Material
Game Translation for all the Languages
Powers provides game translations for all languages, while keeping with the high standard that we have set for ourselves. Independent game developers could benefit vastly from the translation of their products. If you are in the computer game industry and want to target a worldwide audience, we have a range of language solutions to ensure a successful internationalization.
Game Localization
Powers translates and adapts material to the cultural standard of other countries. This localization process implies changes in the video and graphics files and in the software. We are also aware of legal issues that can affect the international success of computers and video games. Our translators are native speakers with an in-depth knowledge of the targeted market and they will offer you advice in matters such as age ratings and other subjects.
We offer translation and localization services for:
Audio Files 
Video Files
User Interface Materials 
We also provide website localization services and multilingual desktop publishing.
Marketing Consultancy
Powers offers an additional multilingual marketing consultancy for the gaming industry. This service is highly recommended if you want to enter a market that speaks a language you are not familiar with. We will do all the required marketing research to assist you in the fulfilment of your business objectives. Subsequently we will create a marketing plan relevant to the target audience and language.