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Public Relations is the practice of managing the communication between an organization and its public. If you are planning to internationalize your company Powers has the solution. We translate press releases and general documents while making sure that your intended PR messages are conveyed to the target audience in an appropriate way.
Every detail counts
What can be more disappointing than having your marketing materials, advertising campaign or corporate message poorly translated? One inaccurately translated word, and you may lose a once promising sales opportunity that can cost you allot of time and money. Marketing translations should preserve all of your companyí»s PR messages and be correctly adapted for the target market, and we guarantee this at 
Marketing Translation Expertise
Our expert translators know how to adapt your message with the correct cultural awareness and how to maintain the sales appeal of the original text. The marketing translators at will help you to achieve your international marketing goals. Our translators effectively translate your press releases, articles, brochures, print ads, catalogues and other promotional materials to ensure your success. 
Our Marketing Translation Services will not let your marketing message and reputation be ruined by a careless translation. Contact us for a free quote today or get it online.