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With demands for translation becoming increasingly specialized in distinct and niche business areas, it is now paramount that we employ multi-faceted translators, who not only possess the translation expertise we require, but who also excel in some key discipline that matches the needs of our clients. Hence we now source a variety of language professionals who have racked up impressive credentials as experts in one or more business, technical or financial specialties. Working alone or in multi-disciplinary teams, our multi-talented prize players give Powers the competitive edge in attaining a precision in translation.
A simple illustration: Language skills being equal, you caní»t expect a literature devotee to translate an RF circuitry manual to the same quality standard as an electrical engineer who has made a career in that field! This reveals our operating philosophy for the dynamic translation needs of international business ĘC match the translator to the client as closely as possible. We do this for a growing number of clients in many fields, and know better than anyone how to marshal all the elements necessary to make your translation a success.
Our specialty areas of translation include:

Press releases
 Brochures, leaflets and other sales/promotional material
 Business/managerial documents
 Meeting summaries
 Magazine articles and features
 Presentations (PowerPoint and multimedia)
 White papers
 Business plans
 Marketing collateral
 International development/cooperation

 User guides/manuals (network, LAN/WAN, security, etc.)
 Product catalogues (quick installation guides, userí»s guides, etc.)
 Product descriptions
 SAP training and manuals

 Product catalogues
 Sporting events (World cup, UEFA cup, Olympic Games, etc.)
 Team promotional materials

 Release notes
 Software documentation
 Functional specifications
 Design specifications
 Technical reports
 Manuals and user guides
 Car servicing manuals