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Why Choose Powers?
It can be difficult for clients to differentiate one translation vendor from another. With that in mind, we¡¯ve prepared a brief list of some of the important client benefits that set Powers apart from other translation companies.
Our employee-retention rate is more than twice the industry average. This level of experience and cohesion pays big dividends to our clients. Clients benefit from the substantial investment Powers makes in both staff development and rewards for initiative.
Powers has the in-house staff and established translator base to handle the sudden acquisition of a million-word project, without sacrificing personal service or attention to regular ongoing work.
Clients also benefit from our use of an uncommon team structure that gives everyone from account managers to production staff a vested interest in every project-clients love it because it allows easily customized solutions and attentive client service.
Powers¡¯s nine-stage Quality Assurance process monitors quality throughout every stage of translation-not just at the end. This ensures that quality control is managed in the most efficient and effective way possible, which reduces turnaround time without sacrificing quality.
Financial Stability
Vendors rarely mention this subject, but its impact on clients is significant. Surprisingly, for an industry that relies heavily on contractors, prompt contractor payment is not an industry standard! However, because our conservative fiscal policy puts us in an enviable cash flow position, we have a reputation among translators for having excellent payment policies and ethical business practices, which increases our access to the finest talent available when building translator relationships.
Intelligent Technology Use
We don¡¯t buy technology just because there is buzz about it in the industry. Ultimately, it¡¯s the clients who end up paying for the technology that translation agencies purchase, so we base our decisions regarding investment in new technologies on listening to the needs of our clients and conducting thorough research. Clients have always considered quality, turn time and cost as their highest priorities. At Powers we focus our technology development in areas that bolster client support, reduce project turn time and cost and improve quality control-things that clients care about deeply.